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  CLOUD COMPUTING Due to _________ cloud characteristics, cloud services can be rapidly and elastically provisioned to quickly scale out and rapidly released to quickly scale in a)     On-demand self-service b)     Everywhere network access c)     Resource Pooling d)     Elasticity Due to _________ cloud characteristics, computer service such as email, applications, …

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Final semeter IV

NETWORK SECURITY 1) ________ malware is designed to gain administrator-level control over a computer system without getting detected. a)     Virus b)     Trojan c)     Rootkit    d)     Spam 2)     ________ is the process by which a sysytem establishes a user’s identity. a)     Authentication b)     Authorization c)     Confidentiality d)     Integrity 3)     _________ …

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Questions Linux!

LINUX II – III ____________ is an extremely flexible OS install program used by Redhat. Python Cobra Anaconda Viper                                                                             C __________ is the command to create the kickstart file . System-config-kickstart Config-system-kickstart Kickstart-config-system Kickstart-system-config                                                 A ___________ is name of the file used to create a minimal boot media. Minimal.iso Boot.iso …

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