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  1. Due to _________ cloud characteristics, cloud services can be rapidly and elastically provisioned to quickly scale out and rapidly released to quickly scale in

a)     On-demand self-service

b)     Everywhere network access

c)     Resource Pooling

d)     Elasticity

  1. Due to _________ cloud characteristics, computer service such as email, applications, and network or server services can be provided to the consumer without requiring any human interaction.

a)     On-demand self-service

b)     Everywhere network access

c)     Resource Pooling

d)     Pay per use

  1. Web services stack has ________ many layers

a)     1

b)     2

c)     3

d)     4

  1. Different service models of cloud computing are: laaS, PaaS and ________.

a)     SaaS

b)     NaaS

c)     RaaS

d)     DaaS

  1. ____________ kind of cloud is privately managed by the firm.

a)     Hybrid

b)     Public

c)     Private

d)     Community

  1. By using _________, an administrator can convert one physical server into multiple virtual machines

a)     Cloud computing

b)     Virtualization

c)     Elasticity

d)     Server consolidation

  1. ________ is an efficient Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) that is designed from the ground up to run multiple high performance VMs.

a)     VM

b)     Server

c)     Hypervisor

d)     None of the above


  1. ________ hypervisor is completely independent from the operating system.

a)     Type 1

b)     Type2

c)     Type 3

d)     None of the above

  1. ______ is the central point where all information is the gathered, and then distributed to other data centers or to the end-user.

a)     Geographic location

b)     Server Room

c)     Data center

d)      None of the above

  1. 10.  ________ is a software implementation of a computing environment in which an operating system (OS) or program can be installed and run

a)     Server

b)     Desktop

c)     Virtual Desktop

d)     Virtual Machine

  1. 11.  _______ Is one of the early and most successful implementations of the public cloud .

a)     Amazon Web Service

b)     MS Windows Azure

c)     Google Drive

d)     None of the above

  1. 12.  Amazon _________ is a web service that provides resizable computer capacity in the cloud

a)     S3

b)     EC2

c)     RDS

d)     None of the above

  1. 13.  Amazon ________ is an online file storage web service offered by Amazon Web Services.

a)     S3

b)     EC2

c)     RDS

d)     None of the above

  1. 14.  ________ provides both platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) services and supports many diffirent programming languages

a)     MS HyperV

b)     Citrix Xen Server

c)     AWS

d)     MS Windows Azure


  1. 15.  Feutures of MS Windows Azure are cloud services, data management and ______ .

a)     Websites

b)     VM

c)     Media Services

d)     None of the above

  1. 16.  Some of the features of dropbox are

a)     Be Anywhere

b)     Simple Sharing

c)     Always safe

d)     All of the above

17. ________ your files between all of your computers, smart phones, and tablets is what the Dropbox is all about.

a)     Syncing

b)     Updating

c)     Upgrading

d)     None of the above

  1. 18.  ______ are ideal for groups of people who work on the same files together.

a)     Distributed Folder

b)     Shared folder

c)     Collaboration folder

d)     None of the above

  1. 19.  Whereas the desktop app automatically uploads and downloads your files and syncs changes as they happen, the mobile app syncs _______ only

a)     On Availability

b)     On requirement

c)     On demand

d)     None of the above

  1. 20.  Google Drive offers all users an initial _________ of online storage space

a)     15GB

b)     5GB

c)     50GB

d)     10GB

  1. 21.  Google Docs is Google’s __________ office suite

a)     Platform

b)     Infrastructure as a service

c)     Software as a service

d)     Document as a service

  1. 22.  Extension of Google document file on Google drive is __________.

a)     .gdoc

b)     .doc

c)     .docx

d)     None of the above

23. Google Docs allows you to do the following task:

a)     Upload

b)     Format

c)     Invite

d)     Collaborate

e)     All of the above

  1. 24.  VMware Workstation is a _________ that runs on x64 computers; it enables users to set up multiple virtual machines (VMs) and use them simultaneously along with the actual machine

a)     Hypervisor

b)     OS

c)     VMM

d)     None of the above

  1. 25.  With ________, you can make many copies of a virtual machine from a single installation and configuration process

a)     Snapshot

b)     Clones

c)     VM

d)     None of the above

  1. 26.  Taking a _________ of a virtual machine saves its current state and enables you to return to the same state repeatedly.

a)     VM

b)     Clones

c)     Snapshot

d)     None of the above

  1. 27.  You can use the ________ to view and change key networking settings, add and remove virtual networks, and create custom virtual networking configurations .

a)     Network editor

b)     Virtual network editor

c)     NAT

d)     Bridged Connection

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