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How to create pfx SSL Webserver IIS Windows

How to create pfx SSL Webserver IIS Windows

Before installing SSL to run IIS webserver on Windows, you need to apply for SSL certificate at CA certification organizations. To understand about SSL certificates, how to create CSR files and register SSL through dongpolice, you can refer to the following articles:

+  Normally when registering for an SSL certificate, you will receive files such as: domain.key, domain.crt… However, on Windows, it will not be possible to add the above certificates because it does not support the above formats. Therefore, it is necessary to convert to the supported Windows format, which is PFX. We can use openssl to convert the above formats to PFX.

+  To create pfx files on windows need to install openssl on windows to create:

  • To get the 2 files “dongpolice.com.crt and dongpolice.com.key” need to open the txt certificate file and copy the content into 2 files and change the file extensions .key and .crt. Then copy these 2 files to the place where the Convert SSL folder is located and Run Run as administrator with Opensll.exe (software download link) https://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html
  • After installing the above software, by default the openssl folder will be located C:\OpenSSL\bin\openssl.exe

The steps to GEN the pfx file are as follows:

S1. Open CMD with Administrator rights

S2. cd C:\OpenSSL\bin\

S3. Run  pkcs12 –export –out dongpolice.com.pfx –inkey dongpolice.com.key –in dongpolice.com.crt

Enter the password to add it to IIS or no password is needed.

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